Kim's Cottage Garden Plants
 Plants, Shrubs, Grasses etc for ornamental use only

Terms & Conditions


All plants etc for sale are for ORNAMENTAL USE ONLY.

Payment is strictly ‘Cash on Delivery’. Cheques, credit/debit cards not accepted.

Refunds are not given.

Returns are not accepted.

Although I have tried to be as accurate as possible regarding the content of my website and plant labels etc. it must be accepted that the odd error may occur, for which I cannot be held responsible.

While every effort will be made to keep the information/content of this website up to date I cannot guarantee this will be so.

Buyer assumes all liability.

Plants etc are not intended for re-sale.

Although many plants will flower in the 1st year, this is not guaranteed

As I grow many of the plants from seed the odd variance in eg. colour from the description given may occur for which I cannot be held responsible.